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HPPE Anti-cut Knitted fabric

Product Code: BFC05
COLOR: grey
WEIGHT: about 400g
WEAVE: knitting
WIDTH: 1.5m

Product Details

Polyethylene is made out one of the world's strongest fiber and it is 10 times stronger than high quality steel on an equal weight basis. HPPE anti-cut knitted fabric is applied in some special occasions which need high protection from cutting and abrasion.

HPPE cut resistant knitted fabric
Material: 100%High performance polyethylene
Color: grey
Size: width 150cm;

Anti-cut, wearproof, reusable
Cut resistant grade 5

It can be widely used in glass processing, metal processing, petrochemical, disaster rescue, fire rescue industry,etc.

Package: according to client's demand
Delivery Time: depending on client's order quantity
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