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50/50 meta-aramid/Lenzing FR knitting fabric in 130gsm black

Product Code: BF-K-04
COLOR: Black
WEIGHT: 130g
WEAVE: interlock
WIDTH: 1.5-1.6m

Product Details

Aramid Knitted Fabric


1) Composition: 50%meta-aramid 50%Lenzing FR
2) Weight: 130gsm
3) Width: 150cm-160cm
4) Color: Black
5) construction: interlock
6)Used for underwear, hood, socks, excellent flame resistant property
7) Certificate:ISO EN 11611,11612,14116,oeko-tex standard 100.

We use the excellent Meta-Aramid Fiber, Lenzing FR Fiber, Protex Fiber. The Knits Vary on Construction, Composition, Weight, etc.  Final Products, Such as Underwear, Hood, Inner Linning, Insulation Layer, etc are made from the knits. 
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